New Art History course offering for Fall 2017

Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Apollo and Daphne, 1622-25, Galleria Borghese

This fall, the Art History department will be offering a new course for both Graduate and Undergraduate students! Studies in the History of Art: Classical Mythology in Renaissance and Baroque Art will be taught by Professor Emeritus James Saslow on Wednesdays from 6:00-7:40pm in Klapper Hall room 404. Since this course will be cross-listed for different programs, students can find it in CUNYfirst under different numbers for their appropriate program of study.

ARTH 200 (code 62234) for undergraduate students*
ARTH 504 (code 62235) for MA Art History students
ARTH 7435 (code 62237) for MS Art Education students

This course will examine the myth and literature of classical antiquity as a popular source of subjects for the visual arts. Mythology was the Bible of the Greeks and Romans: stories of their gods, nymphs, and heroes. Although the Christian culture that revived interest in these ancient divinities no longer believed in them literally, Renaissance Europeans revered mythology as a source of moral education and idealized eroticism. We will survey illustrations of classical tales from the 15th to 17th century and the broad range of meaning that artists and patrons read into them. We will then examine how this widely familiar historical legacy survived in art well into the Modern era, in both traditional and avant-garde artists.

*As this will be an advanced course, undergraduate students must receive permission from Professor Saslow to enroll. Interested students can email him at

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