Special Sculpture course offering for Fall 2017

This fall, the Studio Art program will be offering a new course for both Graduate and Undergraduate students! Becoming Insect, an Advanced Sculpture course (Sculpture 2, 3, or Special Projects) will be taught by Professor Gregory Sholette on Tuesdays from 10 am – 1:50 pm in Klapper Hall room 284. Since this course will be cross-listed for different programs, students can find it in CUNYfirst under different numbers for their appropriate program of study.

ARTH 283/284/288 (code 54025/54055/54056) for undergraduate students
ARTH 728 (code 54039) for graduate students

Fusing project-based studio practice with individual research, this hybrid seminar explores the shifting line between contemporary art and social practice through the lens of what we consider the human and the non-human. By focusing on the figure of the insect as it appears in art, science, philosophy, and popular culture, students will develop collaborative projects that address one or more related topics including animal intelligence, networked technology, cyborg affectivity, and interventionist public art. Among the materials we will cover in class include sculpture by Louise Bourgeois, installations by Damien Hirst, tactical media interventions by Electronic Disturbance Theater, and a number of “giant bug” movies from the 1950s. We will also read selections from the theoretical books such as “Insect Media” by Jussi Parikka, watch excerpts from movies such as Them! and Starship Troopers, and listen to the sound of crickets used to defend a virgin forest in California by the Center of Tactical Media.

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