Internship Opportunity: Learn Gallery Management at Plaxall Gallery

Attention students! Interested in learning about Gallery Management? The Art Department has just arranged a new internship at the Plaxall Gallery in LIC, where students can learn many aspects of the day to day work that goes into running a gallery space. Under the supervision of Gallery Director Norma Homberg, the intern will wear many hats and learn the inner-workings of the art market which promotes academic, career and/or personal development. This internship is for school credit and includes a small meal stipend. If taken for credit, intern must be registered for either ARTS 393 or ARTH 3203 under a faculty advisor.

Internship regular responsibilities include the following:
• A daily sweep of the gallery will be performed: Check on stability of all art installations
• Learn how to use Mail Chimp for marketing
• Type in all email addresses and “Artist of Interest ” in the appropriate Field in File Maker Pro’s database or other excel sheet section.
• Conduct a weekly research of all local galleries in LIC to become familiar with their roster of artists and their varying genres of art, which will be applicable to the intern’s Field of study.

Intern will learn the following skills:
• Intern will learn how to install and dismantle exhibits.
• Intern will learn (from beginning to end) how to compose a visual/graphic email announcement for the gallery
• Intern will write a rough draft of a Press Release. Intern will implement the edits accordingly, insert visuals, and upload the completed document onto Mail Chimp.
• Intern will learn how correspond to client email / client verbal inquiries.
• Intern will learn how to maintain client database
• Intern will research all platforms of social media.
• Intern will learn how to update the gallery’s  website and learn how to make simple pages with text and images in Wix. Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram account according to marketing timeline materials provided by the Gallery Directors.
• Intern will learn how to digitally archive and maintain all artists work; Intern will photograph, upload images to gallery computer, digitally re-work and save them in appropriate folders

If this sounds like an opportunity you’d like to pursue, contact the Plaxall Gallery director for further inquiries:
Norma Homberg
LiC-A / The Plaxall Gallery
5-25 46th Ave, LIC NY 11101
(347) 743-4132


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