Employment Opportunity: Design for the Knight News

The Knight News, the Queens College student-run newspaper is looking for graphic designers to assist them in different areas of the paper. They are looking for:
(1) a graphic designer with excellent proficiency in ADOBE INDESIGN, to help with bi-weekly layouts on TUESDAYS
(2) a graphic and/or web designer to help with the restructuring/re-vamping of our website, www.theknightnews.com
(3) a graphic designer to help us redesign our logo, and create one for our new photoblog: Humans of Queens College

Additional information: These positions will come with a recommendation letter endorsing your skills, help with adding the position onto your resume, meals/snacks, and more! It is a great opportunity to build your resume, with a position that works with you and your schedule (hours are 100% flexible with the exception of Tuesdays)!

If interested please email the following with your name, resume, and dates/times of availability to schedule a brief (15 minutes) interview:

Art History, Internship, ,

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