Special studio art course offering for Spring 2019

Becoming Insect, Professor Greg Sholette
ARTS 283/284/288/721/728

Contemporary studio art /social theory/ swarm politics

Klapper 284, Tuesdays 2:00PM – 5:50PM

The QC art department is pleased to offer a new cross-disciplinary course for students of: Art, Media, Environmental Studies, Urban Theory, Music, Sound Art, Theater, Dance, Film, and Writing

Fusing project-based studio practice with individual research this hybrid seminar explores the shifting line between contemporary art and social practice through the lens of what we consider the human and the non-human. Becoming Insect approaches socially engaged cultural learning through interdisciplinary creative expression this course combines artistic methods with environmental observation and scientific studies of arthropod morphology and eusocial behavior patterns, as well as the ways these visual and physical attributes have influenced a wide range of fields including, though not limited to literature, two and three dimensional artistic representation, socially engaged art, photography, 3-D printing, data visualization, fashion arts, media, robotics, urban design, architecture, political theories, and popular culture.

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