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Life in Klapper: Rozdom’s story from John Omoyele on Vimeo.

Master of Fine Arts Program

The Queens College MFA in Studio Art is a low-cost, comprehensive, studio-based graduate program focused on contemporary painting, sculpture, installation, digital media, critical theory, and social practice art. Every MFA candidate enjoys a large, private workspace with access to wood, metal, plaster, ceramic, printmaking, digital, traditional photo facilities, and an on-site bronze foundry that is unique within CUNY.

Full-time Studio Art Faculty: Chloë Bass, Glenn Goldberg, Tony Gonzalez, Sin-ying Ho, Kurt Kauper, Tyrone Mitchell, Debra Priestly, and Gregory Sholette.

Visiting artists, critics, curators and mentors include: Doug Ashford, Paul D’Agostino, Angela Dufresne, Dana Schutz, Xenobia Bailey, Larry Bogad, Deanna Bowen, Robert Boyd, Tania Bruguera, Gretchen Coombs, Amy Cutler, John Currin, Lois Dodd, Torkwase Dyson, Alicia Grullon, Spencer Finch, Yevgeniy Fiks, Tom Finkelpearl, Sarah Fritchey, Stamatina Gregory, Fran Ilich,  inCUBATE, Alfredo Jaar, Jim Lee, Omar Mismar, Pepon Osorio, Saul Ostrow, Liz Park, Elizabeth Peyton, Ted Purves, Sal Randolph, David Reed, Mika Rottenberg, Gregory Sale, Dread Scott, Elsie Siegel, Eve Sussman, Nato Thompson, Caroline Woolard, T. J. Wilcox, The Yes Men, Krzysztof Wodiczko.

Entry into the Program

These requirements are in addition to the college’s general requirements for admission to the Master of Arts program. Alternatively, the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from a recognized institution shall be considered as an acceptable equivalent for the general requirements of the BA, subject to the determination of the department’s MFA Committee in concurrence with the Office of Graduate Studies.

1. In addition to three letters of reference, each candidate for admission shall upload a portfolio of work as prescribed by the committee (you’ll submit a URL to an online collection of images). This portfolio shall be examined by the committee, which shall have the authority to accept or reject the candidate.

2. Your application is enhanced by previous study of art and art history.

3. We highly recommend contacting the department to arrange a visit.

4. Applicants should demonstrate satisfactory standards of spoken and written English. For applicants whose first language is not English, evidence of proficiency in English should be determined either through an interview or by submitting a standard test. The required score may under certain circumstances be waived by the department with permission from the Queens College graduate admissions office. For more information on English requirements, visit Graduate Admissions.

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