Special studio art course offering for Spring 2019

ARTS 777: History and Theory of Social Practice
Mondays 2:00-5:50pm
Prof. Sholette

Art as History? Art as Thinking? Art as Research? Art as Work? The aim of this seminar is to survey, critique and historicize the theory and practice of activist, interventionist, public, participatory and community based art that operates within and across fields such as performance, urban studies, environmental science and other socially engaged disciplines. The class will focus on such questions as: Why is it useful, even necessary, to understand the history and theory of social practice art? Where should we look to find the historical roots of social practice art? Are these within the history of art, or external to it, in the broader social sphere? In an increasingly privatized society how do we define and operate within a concept of the public sphere? And how are both mainstream and alternative type cultural institutions responding to the increasing interest in socially engaged art by emerging artists? Through lectures, readings, discussions, student presentations, group activities, guest speakers and off-site visits to galleries and museums we will seek to position socially-engaged visual culture and the shifting role of the artist within an historical, ideological, and critical framework.

Special studio art course offering for Spring 2019

The Art department is pleased to offer a special printmaking course in Spring 2019 for both graduate and undergraduate students. With the instruction of experienced printmaker Lisa Mackie, this course will cover Lithography and Monotype Processes. Drawing and printing with litho plates and stones in both black-and-white and color will be presented, as well as photo processes using black-and-white laser prints as a matrix and aluminum photo litho plates. Images may be re-examined, varied, and extended through the exploration of water-based monotype mylar overlays. Catalytic assignments are presented throughout the course. Students will be asked to visually examine their concepts and allow their artwork to develop within the parameters and new territory of lithography and into mixed media. Finally, the course will teach students about the heritage, history, and technology of traditional and contemporary printmaking.

Special studio art course offering for Spring 2019

Becoming Insect, Professor Greg Sholette
ARTS 283/284/288/721/728

Contemporary studio art /social theory/ swarm politics

Klapper 284, Tuesdays 2:00PM – 5:50PM

The QC art department is pleased to offer a new cross-disciplinary course for students of: Art, Media, Environmental Studies, Urban Theory, Music, Sound Art, Theater, Dance, Film, and Writing

Fusing project-based studio practice with individual research this hybrid seminar explores the shifting line between contemporary art and social practice through the lens of what we consider the human and the non-human. Becoming Insect approaches socially engaged cultural learning through interdisciplinary creative expression this course combines artistic methods with environmental observation and scientific studies of arthropod morphology and eusocial behavior patterns, as well as the ways these visual and physical attributes have influenced a wide range of fields including, though not limited to literature, two and three dimensional artistic representation, socially engaged art, photography, 3-D printing, data visualization, fashion arts, media, robotics, urban design, architecture, political theories, and popular culture.

Special Drawing course offering for Fall 2018

A new drawing course will be offered in conjunction with Media Studies for credit in Drawing 2 or Experimental Media for the Fall 2018 semester. The course is scheduled for Tuesdays in Klapper 284 from 2:00-5:50pm.

Professors Zoe Beloff and Greg Sholette will focus on using drawing, moving images, and comics as an avenue for storytelling. Students can register for the course as ARTS 240 or MEDST 281/758.

In the Studio: Casting Bronze

Students in Professor Malcolm MacDougall’s sculpture class poured the first of their bronze castings on Friday. Queens College is one of the few schools in the area with an active foundry, so it’s a great opportunity for sculptors looking to work in traditional casting methods. Check out some of the photos from the pour in the slideshow above.


Special Sculpture course offering for Fall 2017

This fall, the Studio Art program will be offering a new course for both Graduate and Undergraduate students! Becoming Insect, an Advanced Sculpture course (Sculpture 2, 3, or Special Projects) will be taught by Professor Gregory Sholette on Tuesdays from 10 am – 1:50 pm in Klapper Hall room 284. Since this course will be cross-listed for different programs, students can find it in CUNYfirst under different numbers for their appropriate program of study.

ARTH 283/284/288 (code 54025/54055/54056) for undergraduate students
ARTH 728 (code 54039) for graduate students

Fusing project-based studio practice with individual research, this hybrid seminar explores the shifting line between contemporary art and social practice through the lens of what we consider the human and the non-human. By focusing on the figure of the insect as it appears in art, science, philosophy, and popular culture, students will develop collaborative projects that address one or more related topics including animal intelligence, networked technology, cyborg affectivity, and interventionist public art. Among the materials we will cover in class include sculpture by Louise Bourgeois, installations by Damien Hirst, tactical media interventions by Electronic Disturbance Theater, and a number of “giant bug” movies from the 1950s. We will also read selections from the theoretical books such as “Insect Media” by Jussi Parikka, watch excerpts from movies such as Them! and Starship Troopers, and listen to the sound of crickets used to defend a virgin forest in California by the Center of Tactical Media.

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