Queens College provides a variety of workspaces and studios for students to develop their craft, including:

  • Painting and drawing classrooms equipped with easels and taborets
  • Mac Labs
  • Printmaking studio
  • General 3D media classrooms
  • Ceramics studio with throwing wheels, wood- and gas-firing kilns
  • Photography studio with wet lab and darkrooms
  • Woodshop with a variety of saws, sanders, and drills
  • Metalshop with welders, grinders, and plasma cutters
  • Foundry for casting and pouring bronze and other metals
  • Private and small-group studios

Studio Access

Studio Area Supervisor: Paula Costanzo

Assistant Studio Area Supervisor: Tanapong Seangboonwattana

Studio Access and Hours:

****Due to policies in effect surrounding COVID-19/Coronavirus, all campus facilities require access permission from the studio supervisor. Hours are on a by-appointment basis.****

Graduate Wood Shop / KP-261 ​​- Room is accessible to all graduate students via graduate key stored in the MFA Office / KP-673 (exception: holidays, campus closures, 10pm-7am) – Room is accessible to all Senior Project students assigned to one of the following rooms: KP-261 a,b,c,d

Undergraduate Wood Shop and Metal Shop / KP-283 and KP-281 ​- Room is accessible to all undergraduate and graduate students assigned to hybrid courses in sculpture, senior projects, and special projects with the permission of the instructor and the Studio Area Staff. – Room is ONLY accessible during operational hours and dependent on Studio Area Staff’s availability. All those interested in using these shops should contact Paula Costanzo.

Printmaking Studio / KP-433 ​​- Printmaking room is unavailable until in-person printmaking courses resume

Studio Supervisor’s Office / KP-234: The Studio Supervisor’s office is open weekdays by appointment. The office is not opened on weekends, holidays, or on days of campus closures. Please refer to the Queens College academic calendar for a detailed list of campus activities and closures. Any longterm changes to this schedule will be posted via email and on our office door ahead of time. If our door is closed during operational hours, please leave a written message on the door with your contact information. To make orders or to make requests with our office please contact Paula Costanzo. All requests will be reviewed in the order that they are received and service time will be dependent on daily workload.


*Lockers are not available until in-person courses resume*

Download Locker Registration Instructions (pdf)

Download Locker Policy (pdf)

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