Graduate Studio Art Courses

The following are course options for general studio courses and concentrations in the areas of Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Photography, Ceramics, and Media. For special course options in the Social Practice concentration, please see Social Practice Curriculum.

Required Seminars

ARTS 721. MFA Graduate Seminar. (12 credits) Matriculation in the MFA program and completion of appropriate prior courses. In each of the course sequences the student will be assigned an instructor as advisor, with whom he or she shall meet weekly for criticism, as well as with visiting critics as assigned. The work of the final semester shall be submitted in the form of a self-selected one-person exhibition of the coursework for the MFA Committee, and open to the college community, in lieu of a comprehensive examination. (Course is repeated over four semesters as: 721.1, 721.2, 721.3, 721.4.)

ARTS 723. MFA Writing Seminar. (3 credits) This required seminar offers students a series of exercises focused on developing their artistic statement of purpose as well as the basic elements of the essay form, while preparing them for their graduating thesis.

ARTS 724. Contemporary Issues in the Visual Arts. (3 hr.; 3 credits) Prereq.: A course in the history of modern art. Limited to students matriculated in the MFA program. Diverse critical views on selected topical issues concerning contemporary art will be discussed. Students will further be asked to locate, describe, and discuss their own work and one another’s work in relation to present-day art practices and concerns. A paper on an approved topic will be presented by each participant.

Elective Courses

ARTS 713. Computer Imaging. (4 hr.; 3 credits) An introduction to basic concepts of computer graphics in the context of the full range of visual media traditions, with contemporary applications in the fine and applied arts. Individual projects will further define different areas inherent in the newer media.

ARTS 727.1. Printmaking. (4 hr.; 3 credits)

ARTS 727.2. Photography. (4 hr.; 3 credits) This course is designed for graduate students who are interested in pursuing the study of photography, and to give them information which will allow them to use photography in conjunction with other mediums. (May be repeated for credit.)

ARTS 728. Sculpture Techniques. (4 hr.; 3 credits) Individual and group projects in metal casting, including investment and chasing; advanced technical problems in plaster; techniques of construction and assemblage in metal, wood, ceramics in handbuilding, slip casting, mold making, wheel throwing, kiln firing, clay and glaze technology, and plastics. (May be repeated for credit.)

ARTS 729. Individual Criticism/Problems. (3 credits) Prereq.: Permission of the MFA Committee. The work will consist of a particular topic or focus established between the individual student and a faculty member. It will not consist of work undertaken in either ARTS 721.1, 721.2, 721.3, or 721.4, or ARTS 722.1, 722.2, 722.3, or 722.4. (May be repeated for credit.)

Studio Seminars

ARTS 730. Seminar in Problems of New Forms. (4 hr.; 3 credits)

ARTS 731. Seminar in Problems of Representation. (4 hr.; 3 credits) In each of these areas a particular topic will be announced for study each semester. Each seminar includes execution of an appropriate project, the study of historical and recent precedents, and studio problems as indicated. A research paper may be assigned. May be repeated for credit if the topic is different. Seminars will comprise 60 contact hours each; however, meetings may be scheduled so that the course does not extend over the entire semester.

Drawing Course

ARTS 735. VT: Advanced Problems in Studio. (4 hr.; 3 credits) Advanced Problems in Studio is taught with a variety of approaches, ranging from traditional to conceptual, theoretical to experimental. (May be repeated for credit.)

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