Graduate Studio Art Curriculum

Requirements for the MFA

  1. Completion of 54 credits consisting of the following:
    a. Two courses in the history of art (see graduate-level art history electives) (6 credits).
    b. ARTS 724 Contemporary Issues in the Visual Arts (3 credits).
    c. Two seminars, each with a different topic, must be taken under ARTS 730 and/or 731 (6 credits).
    d. Two elective courses to be selected with departmental approval from ARTS 727.1, 727.2, 728 (6 credits).
    e. MFA Graduate Seminar ARTS 721.1, .2, .3, .4 (12 credits).
    f. ARTS 723 MFA Writing Seminar (3 credits).
    g. ARTS 729 Individual Studio Practice (12 credits).
    h. 6 credits may be a continuation of individual studio work or additional electives or seminars.
  2. Each candidate for the MFA is required to submit for the record documentation of their Thesis Project that elaborates upon and/or depicts in printed or digital form the student’s research, which will be kept on file for future reference at the Queens College Art Library. The dimensions and content of the document will be defined by the candidate and advisor in scheduled meetings.
  3.  Students may declare a concentration in the areas of Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Photography, Ceramics, Media, Social Practice Art. This designation will be registered in the Art Office.
  4.  Student work in the specialized area shall be reviewed and graded by the MFA Committee each semester. The Committee shall be authorized to approve or reject a student for continuation in the program, to place a student on probation, and to approve a student for the MFA degree.
  5.  A grade-point average of 3.0 shall be maintained.
  6.  Participation in the program is usually full-time, and the degree is normally completed within two years (exceptions may be granted by the Committee).
  7.  Students will do all of their creative work on campus except by permission of the Committee. ****Please note: due to current policies regarding COVID-19, courses are being taught remotely. Adjustments will be made regarding continued distance-learning options in the upcoming semesters. Check with the Art Department and the Queens College website for up-to-date information.****

Banner image: Matt Greco, I think I came back on my shield ©2015

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