QC MFA Exhibition

Spring 2021 Show: Frames of Being

When the anatomy of history is unmistakably interlaced with the narration of artists, Frames of Being provides an insight to works created by Queens College MFA students during a pandemic. Engaged in dialogues of vulnerability, resilience and identity, these objects demonstrate both the beauty and trauma of human existence. As it is human nature to remain connected, these works reflect the nuances of combing out realities during a time of distance.

The virtual exhibition for the MFA group show “Frames of Being” will take place April 6th-20th. Visitors can schedule a viewing of the gallery in-person by contacting qcmfashow@gmail.com. A virtual opening reception will take place Thursday, April 8th 6-8 pm, and as well as a closing reception on Tuesday, April 20th 5-7pm. Email qcmfashow@gmail.com to RSVP for the event!

The gallery below includes all the works in the show. Click each image to view a resizable thumbnail of the work and read each artist’s statement and bio.

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