Photography & Imaging Curriculum

Major: BFA in Photography & Imaging (total of 63 credits)

*Please note: This curriculum information is only provided as an aid in determining your course sequence. For the most up-to-date program requirements and course information, please meet with an advisor in your chosen program area.*

Art History Core Courses (9 credits)
ARTH 102 History of Western Art II
ARTH 258 History of Photography
One course from ARTH 200-299, MEDST 100, 101, 144, 146

Photography & Imaging Required Courses (33 credits)
PHOTO 176 Darkroom Photography I
PHOTO 276 VT: Darkroom Photography II
PHOTO 355 VT: Darkroom Photography III
ARTS 195 Photoshop Basics
PHOTO 165 Digital Photography I
PHOTO 225 VT: Digital Photography II
PHOTO 235 VT: Digital Photography III
ARTS 387 Technical Workshops
PHOTO 375 Photography Special Projects
PHOTO 376 Senior Photography Seminar
PHOTO 377 Senior Photography Portfolio/Thesis

Photography & Imaging Elective Courses (21 credits)
Choose from ARTS 150-199 or from ARTS 200-399 (Four of the seven elective courses must be from ARTS 200 or 300 level courses)

Minor in Photography & Imaging (21 credits)

ARTH 258 History of Photography, plus six courses from the following: ARTS 165, PHOTO 176, ARTS 195, ARTS 205, ARTS 213, PHOTO 225, PHOTO 235, ARTS 276, ARTS 355, PHOTO 375*, ARTS 387*

*Can be repeated twice for credit towards the Photography & Imaging Minor. Students should be aware of course prerequisites and consult with an advisor if necessary.


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