Staff and Faculty Directory

Department Chair: Michael Nelson
Deputy Chair, Art History: Warren Woodfin
Deputy Chair, Design: Kathryn Weinstein
Deputy Chair, Studio Art and Art Education: Tyrone Mitchell

Art History MA Advisor: Judy Sund
Studio Art MFA Advisor: Chloe Bass

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Department Staff
Richard Cardenas Administrative Coordinator Email x4800
Paula Costanzo Studio Area Supervisor Email x4745
Matt Greco Digital Imaging Services Email x4832
Linda Jackson Digital Imaging Services Email x4832
Jessica Membreno Administrative Coordinator Email x4802
Jacqui Hopely Monkell Visual Resources Coordinator Email x4804
Nasya Patton College Assistant Email x4800
Tanapong Seangboonwattana Studio Area Assistant Email x4745

Art History Faculty
William Clark Medieval Email
Michael Nelson Ancient and Classical Email
Edward Powers Modern and Contemporary Email
Judy Sund Modern Email
Warren Woodfin Byzantine Email
Design Faculty
Andrew DeRosa Design Email
Dustin Grella Design Email
Ryan Hartley Smith Design Email
Kathryn Weinstein Design Email
Danne Woo Design Email
Studio Art Faculty
Chloe Bass Social Practice Email
Glenn Goldberg Painting Email
Tony Gonzalez Photography Email
Sin-ying Ho Ceramics Email
Kurt Kauper Painting Email
Tyrone Mitchell Sculpture Email
Debra Priestly Painting Email
Gregory Sholette Sculpture and Social Practice Email
Faculty Emeritus
Anna Chave Art History, Modern Website
Arthur Cohen Studio Art, Painting Website
Maureen Connor Studio Art, Sculpture Website
Marvin Hoshino Design Website
James Saslow Art History, Renaissance Website
Adjunct  Art  History
Herbert Hartel Email Kristen Racaniello Email
Chaeeun Lee Email Lawrence Waldron Email
Adjunct  Design
Judith Ackerman Email Marc Ronquillo Email
Natalya Balnova Email Cecilia Ruiz Lopez Email
Elliot Cowan Email Alana Salcer Email
Lena Greene Email Elizabeth Sayles Email
Faiyaz Jafri Email Susan Shaw Email
Thomas Jockin Email Jeremy Sie Email
Diane Karol Email Emily Tenzer-Santoro Email
Tuomas Korpijaakko Email Matthew Thurber Email
Aaron Krach Email Chat Travieso Email
Rebecca Leopold Email Roy Vanegas Email
Hyesu Lee Email Benjamin Voldman Email
John Lee Email Chenay Nicole Williams Email
Amelia Marzec Email Davey Whitcraft Email
Sofia Paraskeva Email Annie Won Email
Ada Price Email Esther Wu Email
Yisun Rho Email Daniel Zender Email
Adjunct  Studio
Jessica Cannon Email Jeff Kasper Email
Nancy Cohen Email Nathaniel Lieb Email
Erika Ranee Cosby Email Malcolm MacDougall Email
Susan Spencer Crowe Email Lisa Mackie Email
Laura Dodson Email Deborah Mesa-Pelly Email
Rosanne Ebner Email Gina Minielli Email
Chris Esposito Email Anne Mulford Email
Matt Greco Email Matthew Palmer Email
Heng-gil Han Email Naudline Pierre Email
Steven Harris Email  Suzy Sureck Email

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