Undergraduate Studio Art Curriculum

Studio Art Degree: Overview

Major: BA in Studio Art (51 credits) or BFA in Studio Art (72 credits)

Basic Courses (Level 1): 24 credits
Art History Courses: ARTH 101 and 102 plus two additional Art History courses, one from Modern and one from any of the other general areas of Art History.

Studio Art Courses: ARTS 151 plus three courses from ARTS 150–199. Studio Art Majors must complete their Basic Level 1 courses before taking Intermediate courses (Level 2).

Intermediate courses (Level 2): 21 credits
Seven courses from ARTS 200–399, including three within one area of concentration. See a faculty advisor. BA students must complete their intermediate courses (Level 2) before taking Advanced courses (Level 3).

Advanced courses (Level 3): 6 credits
ARTS 350 and 391 in the student’s concentration.

BFA Courses (Level 4): 21 credits
ARTS 386 or 390, ARTS 392, plus five additional electives from ARTS 150–399. BFA majors are encouraged to take additional art history courses as well as ARTS 393, an internship at a faculty-advisor-approved nonprofit arts organization in New York City. Majors should take ARTS 391 and 392 consecutively in their final two terms as the last part of their studio coursework

Note: For the BA (total of 51 credits), the BFA (total of 72 credits) in Studio Art, or the BA in Art Education (total of 51 studio art credits plus required education courses), all Studio Art majors must obtain at least a grade of C for all courses to be credited toward their major requirements (including courses in Art History).

Minor in Studio Art (21 Credits)

ARTH 1–399 and six courses from ARTS 150–299.
Students should be aware of course prerequisites and consult with an advisor if necessary.

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