Undergraduate Studio Art

About the undergraduate Studio Art program

Students studying Studio Art at Queens College can choose to receive a Bachelor of Arts (51 credits) or Bachelor of Fine Arts (72 credits), both of which prepare students for creative and professional careers in the art field such as fine artists, illustrators, photographers, art teachers, or other creative professions. Students receive a comprehensive foundation of techniques and conceptual skills across many disciplines and genres, and can choose to concentrate in a variety of media including: painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, and ceramics. Our faculty introduce students to new media and techniques to broaden their horizons while helping each student to develop their own style and vision.

Entry into the program

All students entering the undergraduate studio art program, including those declaring a major or transferring from another university, begin the program by entering the Bachelor of Arts track. There is no portfolio review for BA students. In the middle of each semester, students can choose to sign up to for a portfolio review by a committee of faculty members. Those who get approval from the committee can then transfer to the Bachelor of Fine Arts track, and any credits taken as a BA major will roll over towards their BFA major. This process allows students time to build up their portfolio in a post-secondary environment before submitting their materials for review.

Banner image: K. Ryan, Light Lines ©2015

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