New book by Professor Matthew Thurber!

Congratulations to Design professor Matthew Thurber on the publication of his new graphic novel, Art Comic! There will be a book tour in support of publication, including a stop in Brooklyn at Desert Island on Oct. 4th.

Publisher’s Weekly praised Thurber’s book with the following: “Those who inhabit the world of fine art would do well to steer clear of this latest effort by Thurber, as they’ll quickly realize what a magnificent job it does of skewering their milieu. Originally published as a series of comic pamphlets, Art Comic begins with a cast of characters in the final stages of art school. Their teacher alternately encourages and berates them, demanding originality and integrity while questioning how he ended up in his soul-destroying occupation. But Thurber’s criticism extends beyond the classroom, taking aim at art criticism, the realities of the working artist, and the suppression of new talent. Thurber’s colorful, cartoonish creations are pitch perfect for the subject, their exaggerated mannerisms underscoring the frivolous and mercurial field.”

To read more about Art Comic and pick up a copy, visit Drawn & Quarterly!

Featured faculty: Chloë Bass participating in MetFriday’s Artists on Artworks – History Refused to Die

Join Studio Professor Chloe Bass this Friday, September 14th, at 6:30pm at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, where she’ll be presenting as part of the ongoing Artists on Artworks series.

“I’m using this opportunity to debut a new lecture-performance work about observing families through found footage and reconfigurations of everyday materials, the latter of which is a central theme in the museum’s excellent exhibition History Refused To Die.

Appearances (within the text) from Lauren Berlant, bell hooks, the most and least expensive family snapshots found on eBay last Friday afternoon, a father-son dance routine, and a sleeping baby.”

The lecture is free with Museum admission, but advance registration is required –  click to register for this event!

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