Visiting Artist Lecture Series: Jean Shin

All students are invited to this semester’s visiting artist lecture series! Join us on Tuesday, March 12th at 4pm in Klapper room 672 for a discussion with visiting Jean Shin, installation artist and professor at Pratt Institute.

Godwin-Ternbach Exhibition Talk: Jennifer Ball, “Who Wore it Best?”

Join us on Thursday, November 8th at 5pm for a visit with Art Historian Jennifer Ball and a discussion of the current Godwin-Ternbach Exhibition, From the Desert to the City: The Journey of Late Antique Textiles.

Clothing and other textiles show a remarkable number of popular motifs that appear again and again throughout the Late Antique world. Images of dancers and mounted riders are just two examples that seem ubiquitous across time and place, and also appear on different media, not just textiles.  Jennifer Ball, Associate Professor of Art History at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center CUNY, will discuss how these images were replicated in a pre-internet age and what it suggests about Late Antique views on fashion, status and originality.

From the Desert to the City runs September 13th – December 13th at the Godwin-Ternbach Museum in Klapper Hall. Visit their website for more info!

Opening reception and artist lecture, Hu Jun: My World

You are cordially to be invited to attend the ceramics sculpture solo exhibition opening “My World” and a short digital presentation by Queens College visiting artist Hu Jun on Tuesday, Oct 2 at 6pm in Klapper Hall Gallery.
Hu Jun was granted a government funding from PR China to be a visiting scholar at Queens College for one year and during his stay, he developed a new body of work. Investigating clay, glaze and firing with support from the Queens College Ceramics Studio Professor Hu Jun creates a new voice of his ceramics sculpture, “My World”.

“The world is wonderful because of the existence of different individuals and cultures. It is the same in art. Different aesthetics, cultural backgrounds and philosophical understandings make up a dynamic artistic world. ‘My World’ will be an exhibition of my understandings of mud, glaze and firings. ”

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